Graphic Design

We create and build, from scratch, your very own unique print collateral for your business. We strongly recommend staying away from online printer’s templates. Why, you ask? While promoting your business through the mail or at a networking event, do you really want to look like the business next door? Definitely not! You want your business to look different. It happened to a new client who switched to us after discovering their auto repair company looked like their competition who had negative social media about the services they were providing. Immediately, they recycled their print materials and started fresh with us so that their services would not be confused with their competition who had negative feedback on the internet. In addition, with online templates, you run the risk of looking like a completely different company who has the same look as you do. With your input, we may help you avoid this.

Did you know, the more details and information you provide the less you pay?

  • Simply provide us with any of the following:
    • Sketches
    • Your Business Model – products and services you are offering
    • Color Schemes – we may even match your office interior drapes, carpet or walls
    • Examples of other products

    BRAND starting at $295.00
    Trust and build your Brand with us. Save time and money with a full brand identity package deal! Let us create your logo, business card, letterhead and envelopes.

    CREATIVE DESIGN starting at $125.00
    Create from Scratch.
    Let our design experts help you create the perfect design from concept to completion. All your files will be set up professionally for commercial printing.

    LOGO DESIGN start at just $185.00
    Logo Design
    Share your business model with us, and we will design a quality logo that identifies your brand, product and service.

    BUSINESS CARD DESIGN starting at $45.00
    Create from scratch.  Custom cards to brand your unique identity.  Let our design experts help make your first impression count.  WARNING: We suggest not to create cards online using a template  – avoid the risk of your cards looking like your competitors, who may only have a one star rating.

    MODIFY starting at $45.00
    Modify a Ranger Design.
    Do you need to edit one of our designs, or simply need to reorder? We will manage special design requests and services, including color changes, design modifications and edits for you.

  • File Repair Services

    Let our design experts help you:

    Do you have a file that you want to print but it’s not quite ready for print production? There are many common problems that can be fixed by our designers for a small cost. Our art department can repair most basic problems such as fixing or adding bleed, resizing files, rotating artwork, basic typesetting, and fixing other common issues.

    We can also create press ready PDFs from native design programs such as Word and Publisher.

    Some of the things we can fix:

    Bleeds:  Add bleeds (extend artwork) if your art doesn’t have enough room to be cut properly.
    Safety Area:  We can move your text inwards to ensure that no words get cut off.
    Create PDF:  Export native files from other design programs into print ready PDFs
    if you are unable to do so.
    Fold Panels:  Verify and adjust artwork for correct positioning after folding.
    Typesetting:  We can fix or perform minor type changes such as replacing names and phone
    numbers on a business card.

    Not every file can be repaired. If you have a file that we can’t repair or make ready for print, there is no charge for our service.

    File Repair Service Pricing is as low as $45 for most repairs.

  • TYPESETTING REVISIONS start at just $45.00

    BUSINESS CARD TYPESETTING starting at $25.00
    Let our desktop publishers typeset each of your new employees cards.  Simply email to us complete details for each name. In-turn, we will email a pdf proof within 24 hours from receipt of your order request.  $25.00 includes first 2 names and pdf proofs.  Each additional name is $5.00 each.

    DATA ENTRY for MAIL LIST  $.25 to $.35 per record

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