Banners & Signs

Custom banners can be used for a range of purposes. Bring them to conventions to increase brand recognition and value, or use them in house to call out new products and promotions. For nearly every event your company hosts or attends, a custom banner can help spread your marketing message.

Six different banner materials are available to choose from:
1. Premium Vinyl
HQ 13oz. as low as $2.00/sq.ft.*
HQ 15oz. as low as $3.00/sq.ft.*
HQ 18oz. as low as $4.00/sq.ft.*
High Quality Vinyl based on 1,000 + sq. ft.

2. HDPE Tear & Weather Resistant
HQ Polyethylene tear-free paper material starting at $3.75/sq.ft.

3. Canvas
HQ Polyester Cotton starting at $12.50/sq.ft.

4. Indoor Poster 8mil
HQ Bright White Satin (180 gsm) starting at $5.00/sq.ft.

Great for Fence Applications, starting at $6.00/sq.ft.

6. Fabric
HQ Weather Protection – UV Coated & Water Resistant starting at $15.00/sq.ft.

7. BackLite
Refracts back lighting. Polycarbonate .01″, white matte finish starting at $10.00/sq.ft.

Sign Materials include:
1. Foamcore
Lively Presentations. Make a lasting impression.  Highly maneuverable. Perfect for indoor events and promotions.

2. PVC 3mm or 6mm
Indoor and Outdoor white rigid plastic. Great for displays and framed signs.

3. Coro 4mm or 10mm
4mm: 4/0 – Color Front only, starting at $3.25/sq.ft., min. $100.00
4mm: 4/4 – Color both sides, starting at $3.75/sq.ft., min. $120.00
10mm: 4/0 – Color Front only, starting at $4.75/sq.ft., min. $150.00
10mm: 4/4 – Color both sides, starting at $6.00/sq.ft., min. $190.00

4. Aluminum .04″ or .08″
Ideal for outdoor use. Post or Frame.

5. JBond
Great for mounting. Clean black edges.

6. PolyAir 4mm
Ultimate durability. Bubble core, smooth and light.

7. Polystyrene
Sign inserts placed in frames for indoor and outdoor. Withstands all elements.

You’re sure to find a layout and style perfectly suited for your business needs. Take time to review the different options available so that you choose a style that best represents your brand and the message you want to send to potential customers. Our Ranger Team will help you through the process and create any size or style banner or sign to fit your budget.

Please email your complete details, and request a quote for your next custom banner.


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